the color of crazy

I've already noted that purple is the most-often cited favorite color of crazy people, so I must be crazy. Although yellow is my current favorite color, I can't get rid of the purple. No matter how hard I try to debunk it, purple will always be my first favorite color. This weekend when I was ready to repaint the antique trunk in the girls' room the only color "speaking" to me was my real favorite.

The trunk belonged to my great-grandmother--and namesake, Sarah Gordon Sprinkel--and it has been with me since I can remember. It was my toy box as a child, clothes storage in college and coffee table in New York. It has gone through several facelifts in my possession, and here's a quick rundown of the colors that I remember painting it over the years:

This is where we ended up after my most recent makeover:

I only applied one coat because I liked the unfinished look and subtly visible brushstrokes. I'm not completely sold on it yet, but at least I'm not afraid to attack it with another layer of color. The purple is bright, but I kind of like it next to the turquoise bed and bright quilt.

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