only in texas

Those are my girls. The two that have stripped down to their skivvies. Yesterday (three days before NOVEMBER 1st) they entertained themselves during an impromptu splashpad play date. Only in Texas...or, more specifically, Austin, TX.


bubble racing

Let me preface this by saying I'm not sure how Scout ended up shirtless in this scenario. Actually, I am sure. She spilled milk on her shirt at dinner and took it off. She was on her way to the bath when she caught wind of Catcher blowing bubbles outside on the front porch, and she wanted to join in--shirtless, of course. Catcher invented some sort of bubble racing game for a little fun-spirited sibling competition, and so it goes...


my next latest project

I consider myself creative(ish). I tried writing a book in middle school (the heroine's name was Skye). In high school, I made a Lady Macbeth porcelain doll. I gave my sister a Jerry Garcia charcoal drawing in college, and I'm a post-college design school dropout. Oh, I've also been known to bedazzle shirts and sew my own clothes (okay, I only did that once, but still). Being of the creative mindset, I figure if I throw enough things against the wall, eventually one will stick. Right now I'm thinking--or hoping?--it could be photography.

Ever since getting my camera for Christmas last year, I've been subjecting the kids to my paparazzo clicking and insisting every moment is a photo moment (almost). This summer I discovered the blog Ladys & Gents--a pint-sized sartorial offering of inspiration, and I discovered my next latest project. The blog publishes submissions from everyday folks like myself, and since I was already snapping hundreds of photos anyway, why not submit a few of the littles? Long story short...I was finally published this week! First Scout popped up on the blog and the Tillie. Below are some of the outtakes from our fashion photo sessions:


week in review

Festivals, carnivals, playdates...oh my! The most important job you have as a kid is to have fun.


halloween, take 1

Last night was the big, bad Halloween Carnival at Catcher's elementary school. Catcher, who has changed his mind about this year's costume at least 12 times, decided to go as a Green Bay Packer fan--even though he wouldn't let me paint his face like a real Green Bay Packer fan. The girls were Hawaiian girls (until Tillie insisted on a last-minute change because her dress was itchy). Meanwhile, I insisted on a photo shoot in front of the house before we left--and before Tillie changed--for the carnival. The girls weren't into it so much...


late morning date

I think it takes multiple children to have a moment of reflection and enjoy just one child. With your first child you have no idea what you're doing. With your second you still have no idea what you're doing, but your mind and body have been through the motions before. With your third, you still have no idea what you're doing, but if you find yourself alone with number three on a gorgeous morning with thirty minutes to spare before you have to pick up child number two (while number one is in school for three more hours) then count yourself lucky...and stop for a moment to take it all in.

In the park across from Scout's school there were no busy streets to cross or playscape dangers (that slide is too steep!). There was, however, a quaint pond and paved walkway leading to a hill with a view of downtown Austin. We weren't running late and Tillie had just finished a snack, so spirits were high. Walking hand-in-hand, I realized how special the moment was. I didn't think about the dentist appointments I had to schedule or the cookies I had to bake for Catcher's Halloween Carnival tomorrow night. I wasn't plotting my next trip to Target or Trader Joe's. I did wish I had my camera with me, but if I had, I probably would have been too preoccupied with getting the perfect shot to see the moment.

So that's my happy thought for the day...an image that will stay with me like the cross-eyed I'm hungry face that Catcher gave me in the hospital when he was two days old. Or the time Scout made me laugh so hard she brought tears to my eyes when talking about a ladybug on our front porch that needed her suitcase before she flew away (what?!).


life's a blur

This afternoon Catcher wanted to play football outside. Scout wanted to race in order to "get my exercises in" (her words). Tillie just wanted to be a part of the group. There were a few tears shed [Catcher] during a strict "negotiation" process, but eventually Scout agreed to six rounds of races for every three rounds of football...or something to that effect. Catcher devised a very complicated formula for fun, but somehow he got the girls on board. It was all a blur to me.