late morning date

I think it takes multiple children to have a moment of reflection and enjoy just one child. With your first child you have no idea what you're doing. With your second you still have no idea what you're doing, but your mind and body have been through the motions before. With your third, you still have no idea what you're doing, but if you find yourself alone with number three on a gorgeous morning with thirty minutes to spare before you have to pick up child number two (while number one is in school for three more hours) then count yourself lucky...and stop for a moment to take it all in.

In the park across from Scout's school there were no busy streets to cross or playscape dangers (that slide is too steep!). There was, however, a quaint pond and paved walkway leading to a hill with a view of downtown Austin. We weren't running late and Tillie had just finished a snack, so spirits were high. Walking hand-in-hand, I realized how special the moment was. I didn't think about the dentist appointments I had to schedule or the cookies I had to bake for Catcher's Halloween Carnival tomorrow night. I wasn't plotting my next trip to Target or Trader Joe's. I did wish I had my camera with me, but if I had, I probably would have been too preoccupied with getting the perfect shot to see the moment.

So that's my happy thought for the day...an image that will stay with me like the cross-eyed I'm hungry face that Catcher gave me in the hospital when he was two days old. Or the time Scout made me laugh so hard she brought tears to my eyes when talking about a ladybug on our front porch that needed her suitcase before she flew away (what?!).

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