my next latest project

I consider myself creative(ish). I tried writing a book in middle school (the heroine's name was Skye). In high school, I made a Lady Macbeth porcelain doll. I gave my sister a Jerry Garcia charcoal drawing in college, and I'm a post-college design school dropout. Oh, I've also been known to bedazzle shirts and sew my own clothes (okay, I only did that once, but still). Being of the creative mindset, I figure if I throw enough things against the wall, eventually one will stick. Right now I'm thinking--or hoping?--it could be photography.

Ever since getting my camera for Christmas last year, I've been subjecting the kids to my paparazzo clicking and insisting every moment is a photo moment (almost). This summer I discovered the blog Ladys & Gents--a pint-sized sartorial offering of inspiration, and I discovered my next latest project. The blog publishes submissions from everyday folks like myself, and since I was already snapping hundreds of photos anyway, why not submit a few of the littles? Long story short...I was finally published this week! First Scout popped up on the blog and the Tillie. Below are some of the outtakes from our fashion photo sessions:

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