waiting for the wheat car

This is not the new Wheat family car. This is the second loaner from the dealership because after five days with the first stinky loaner, I sent Alex up there to come back with our car...or else. I guess it was or else because he came back with this brand new Tahoe, which we do not own. So that's great--now I get to drive a loaner car that is nicer than the new car we just bought. A new [pre-owned] car, by the way, that neither one of us has ever driven. I know I'm giving you bits and pieces of the story, but I was waiting for our car to arrive before I got into the whole ordeal. It turns out that the ordeal keeps going. I guess it wouldn't be a story if everything went smoothly and we drove off of the lot with the car we had just purchased when we purchased it.

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