14 offers

This sweet little house will soon be somebody's new home, but it won't be our new home. For the record, we aren't actively house hunting, but we saw this cutie go on the market this past weekend, and we thought it might be fun to check it out--just like the old days back in Charlotte. It turns out that we weren't the only ones interested in this little property. The owners received 14 offers (14!) in the three days since it went on the market. It kind of made Alex and me laugh (in a laughing at ourselves kind of way) because our house in Charlotte was on the market for nearly two years. And I don't think 14 people even looked at it...ever...period.

Truth be told; however, this house didn't really speak to me. It's the perfect size on a great street with neighbors we already know and a playful back yard, but it was missing a certain je ne sais quoi--that something that I can't explain, but know it when I know it. There aren't any interior shots, by the way, because we weren't the only ones looking at the house while we were looking at the house. Our three children were running wild through the rooms dodging two realtors, another couple scoping out the place and the parents of one half of the couple. It felt like a regular open house, which also made Alex and me laugh since no one ever showed at our open houses. Good work, 3813 Avenue H!


i said a hip hop...

By the time Easter arrives, we--by we I mean I--might be hippity-hopped out around here. Yesterday we attended our second hunt of the season at the Wolf Mansion in downtown Austin. It sounds spooky, but it's actually a Victorian office building that transformed into an Easter wonderland for the afternoon, courtesy of a Kinder family from Catcher's school. Scout donned a tutu for the event, as any good egg-hunter would, and we enjoyed smashing confetti eggs on each other's heads--along with two bounce houses, a surprise visit by the Easter bunny himself, cookies, croquet, bubbles, balloon animals and champagne punch for the adults. If I measured the success of an event by how sweaty and red-faced my children got at said event, this one would get a 9 out of 10. Bonus points for events serving champagne punch.


the tug

As promised, here are highlights from the highlight of the 2014 Lee Olympics:

P.S. The only event in which the kindergartners win actual ribbons (versus the "everyone gets a ribbon" ribbon) is the tug-of-war. Catcher's class took blue. I'm not one to brag or anything, but...


future olympians

Today was the best (school) day of the year--the Lee Olympics (or "field day," to the old school crowd). Catcher and his kinder-mates competed in sack races, jumping rope, hula hooping, a 50-yard dash, a bean bag toss and the ultimate--tug-of-war! While waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the opening ceremony to begin, the girls engaged in a friendly game of tether ball on the playground.

When the games began, it was the kindergarten class that led the school out to the playground (you can't miss them in their tie-dyed shirts) during the parade of grades. Below is a glimpse at the day. I missed the hula hooping and sack race when I took Scout to school, but stay tuned for the tug-of-war action shots. I'm still sifting through them. Tug-of-war is definitely the best "Olympic" sport.


another throwback

This was Scout in August 2010 when I was home on maternity leave and we would spend our days watching Felicity on DVD.

And this is our little firecracker now. I knew when she was born 10 days early and 12 minutes after we checked into the hospital--that's not 12 minutes of pushing, that's 12 minutes after we got to the hospital (read more about it here)--that she was a force to be reckoned with...

and she is. But she keeps us on our toes and she makes us laugh...all the time.


watching the rain

Last night an unexpected thunderstorm blew through our neighborhood. The wind was so fierce that it pushed the rain across the street in staggering waves. Lighting danced through the sky in the background and gave a rave-like feel to the stormy chaos. Alex was watching the shower from our front porch while I was fumbling inside with my camera and tripod, hoping to capture the storm. By the time I made it outside, the fury had subsided and I was left to photograph a quiet street glistening from the aftermath; our kitschy armadillo wind chime swaying in the foreground. I don't think I'm ready to submit my storm coverage photographs on the late local news.


health kick

I recently gave up meat. Not for Lent or any other spiritual or moral reasons but simply because I don't really like it. This isn't the first time I've gone vegetarian. I dappled with it in high school and college, but maybe it will stick this time. Maybe moving to Austin has something to do with it...or the recent article in the New York Times magazine that I read about the food industry. Whatever the underlying reasons, this new attention to food on my part has led me to the kitchen to try some new treats for the kids. Let me assure you that I have not turned foodie on you, and I'm not going to start blogging recipes or try to convert you to the meatless way. I still don't know the difference between a hemp seed and flax seed and a chia seed, but perhaps you will indulge my latest "thing" for a moment.

My sister introduced me to the blog My Whole Food Life, where there are really simple and really tasty recipes. This weekend the kids and I put our following directions skills to the test by trying out the high protein breakfast cookies. Catcher was skeptical when I mistakenly told him the recipe was vegan--but then corrected myself when I realized it called for an egg and milk--and he couldn't believe a "cookie" recipe did not involve sugar. But when these bites of wholesome goodness came out of the oven, the littles gobbled them up like gummy bears. 

*I know my food photography needs some help; these taste way better than they look.