and we're off...

almost! Tomorrow we set off for our adventure to Disney World that includes two grandparents, four aunts and uncles, seven cousins--plus us! With the eldest of all the children the wizened age of 10, we're going to find out if Disney World really is the happiest place on earth...wish us luck ("us" obviously means Alex and me and the other adults). I hope to keep up with the blog while on the road, but there are no guarantees as to what will happen once we are swept into the cyclone of talking mice and princess overload.


another last game of the season

Behold the medal of participation. We only made it to two flag football games this season--three, actually, because Saturday was a double-header--but we still got a medal. "We" means Catcher, of course, but the girls and I really deserved the medal for braving two hours in 40-degree temperatures on a windy field in Northeast Austin. I know, I know...40 degrees is hot (and truth be told, it was 45) in places like Wisconsin and Minnesota while playing football in the month of November, but we're in Texas. And we're wusses when it comes to the cold. Give us two-a-days in August when it's 110 degrees and that's another story...


fashion friday

This may be getting a bit redundant, but I have to keep a record of Scout's whacked-out fashion somewhere. Obviously, the single glove was on purpose (and she has no idea who Michael Jackson is).


polar vortex fashion

I finally convinced (or forced?) Tillie to wear a coat this morning. It was 32 in Austin, and that is a polar vortex, my friends. Tillie, meanwhile, was all dots and stripes and loved having that cold wind whip across her face. I guess when bone-chilling weather--and I use that term loosely as a former New York City resident who experienced actual bone-chilling weather--is a novelty, it's fun to laugh in the face of the arctic air.


quaterback princess

Yesterday evening while I was making dinner Catcher took his sisters out to the backyard for a game of pickup football. In case you haven't met him, Catcher is your typical first child "follow the rules" and "get really frustrated when someone isn't following the rules" kind of guy. Listening to him teach the girls how to catch the ball was quite amusing (especially considering he just learned how to catch the ball himself during flag football this fall).

Prior to this friendly game of toss and catch, the girls had been playing dress-up in their room; hence the outfits. Then again, it wouldn't be that strange to see Scout or Tillie playing football in such a getup regardless. I should also note that it was about 45 degrees outside when these pictures were taken around 5:30/6:00pm--just in case the tutu/sneakers/gloves combination didn't convince you that the wee one is totally crazy. At least Scout had the good sense to wear a sweater and leggings with her fancy dress.


another (sc)outfit

The Polar Vortex of 2014 has descended upon Austin. That means that instead of normal highs in the 70s for this time of year, we're experiencing dips into the 50s. Burr! This has prompted Scout to don a hat, gloves and tights (but no coat--that's another battle) on a daily basis. I found some cute knee socks for her at H&M yesterday, but when I asked Scout if she liked them she replied "No thank you. I'm a tights girl." Tights girl or no tights girl, I bought them anyway. She totally strikes me as a knee socks girl.


the last game of the season

Yesterday was the last game for the 2014 Belgian--or was it Belgium? I never understood--Turtle Snakes. If you asked any of the six year-olds comprising the team, they would tell you that they beat the other guys 7-4 (because they keep score when the parents don't) to finish off their winning season. I'm always excited when the season begins because it keeps us busy for eight to ten weeks. And then I'm excited when the season ends because I don't have to pack up three kids and trot out to the soccer field every Saturday morning for the foreseeable future. We had a good run this fall, but now I'm going to enjoy the break. Before I know it I'll be juggling three kids' sports schedules and thinking back to the "easy" days of having only one event on any given Saturday morning.