after the storm

This morning Tillie put on her rain boots and went searching for puddles left in the wake of last night's raucous thunderstorm. The picture above illustrates the best we could find; I guess the thirsty Austin earth drank up the rest. But back to the storm...

Somewhere in the wee hours of this morning, rain began hammering our roof--I couldn't miss it since our bedroom is the attic, more or less--and lightning electrified the children's bedrooms. Seriously. It was like there was a rave going on the girls' room with pulsating strobe lights. I know this because I crept downstairs several times during the storm thinking 1) the kids must be awake (they weren't) and 2) the power must be out (it wasn't) and 3) the house is going to split in half (it didn't). Sometime in the middle of all this madness Alex's phone went off to warn us of flash flooding in the area. Thank you, iPhone, for the very alarming distress signal that snapped me back to life after I had just drifted off to sleep. I wasn't planning on driving anywhere during the storm at 2:00am, but at least I was aware of the threat. And as long as I was awake, I could revisit the first floor to make sure there was no water creeping in under the front door (there wasn't).


picture day

Today was picture day at Catcher's school. Naturally, I made him pose for me in his sartorial splendor at 7:15 this morning; naturally, he was thrilled. Actually, he did manage to crack a smile when his dad asked him if he got in a fight with a picnic table. (Catcher's choice of shirts, by the way.)

Even if I couldn't get that "perfect smile" out of Catcher, I'm pretty sure that one of my snapshots will be better than whatever we find in Package 6 (the second-cheapest option offered), which we had to pre-order from the school. I'll send you a wallet.


muddy boots

Now here's something you don't see around here every day: muddy rain boots--that were actually worn..in the rain--sitting on our front porch. Yesterday we got ourselves up bright and early for Catcher's drizzly soccer game at 8:30am. Thank goodness for the boots and thank goodness we had the early game since the rain turned from drizzle to steady stream beginning around 10:00am. We could hardly contain ourselves with all the excitement over 1) rain all day in Austin and 2) the lowest high temperature (66!) ever recorded for September. Who knew I would turn into such a weather dork? We're supposed to be back in the 90s tomorrow, but I enjoyed pretending we lived in the pacific northwest for a day.


calling all jedi masters...

Two nights ago I didn't hear a peep from Catcher after dinner. He had lost his screen time due to an earlier incident that involved hitting one of his sisters, so I assumed he was in his room lost in Lego land. To my delight and surprise, however, when I peeked in I found him quietly reading. Wednesday is his library day at school, and he's discovered the treasure trove of Star Wars-themed books available to die-hards (or your average first grade boy). At first I thought The Strange Case of Origami Yoda sounded, well, strange. But then I heard from several sources--all of them elementary-aged boys--that these books are quite the thing. Who knew? Besides...can I really question a book that came from his school library and keeps him interested in reading for hours at a time?


while they were sleeping

This afternoon I found myself with a rare 2 1/2 hours to myself while the girls were napping. Due to a mysterious middle-of-the-night vomiting incident, I kept Scout home from school today. The planets aligned correctly around 11:30am when I put the girls down for a post-nap lunch (lunch was served at an early bird 10:55). They had both been awake through the night with Scout getting in and out of bed every 30 minutes from 3:30-5:30 (but who was looking at the clock anyway), so there was no negotiating the nap situation. I just couldn't believe my luck when I heard them both snoring five minutes after tucking them in.

I then set my sights on Catcher's room and "re-arranging" (i.e. de-cluttering, Goodwill-ing) his bookcase. I had to cart the giant box of items-to-be-donated out to the car while the girls were still sleeping because, you know, parents are sneaky like that. It will take them five months to notice that the puzzle with the missing pieces is no longer here, and by that time I can get away with an evasive "I don't know. I haven't seen that [insert 'lost' object here] in a while" reply when they come at me with their "Mom, where's the..." interrogation.



ch, ch, ch, chia

This is when you know you're a dorky mom (well, this and also having a PTA meeting on Tuesday morning and preschool Board meeting on Wednesday morning plus soccer Tuesday night, ballet Wednesday night, packing lunches and checking homework...): when you get really excited about chia seeds. Since purchasing a totally overpriced pod of chia pudding at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago, I've been slightly--slightly means totally here--obsessed with chia seed anything.

The ingredients for the pudding were simple enough, so I decided to go out on my own and create some Pinterest-worthy puddings for the whole family to enjoy. The only problem was that my proportions were way off the first go-round--so much for that six dollars I spent on chia seeds at Trader Joe's--and we were left with watery, tasteless mush in our cute Mason jars. Round two, I'm happy to report, has gone much better than the first. I don't have any pictures of the delectable pudding, however, because it was all promptly devoured at breakfast this morning. I'm telling you: obsessed.

Oh, and don't even get me started on butter coffee (another serious obsession of mine right now).