bubble gun

That's right--bubble gun, not bubble gum. Scout, who will be referred to as "Bubble Master" from here on out, terrorized her siblings this afternoon with a fancy pink bubble gun that she received for her birthday. It should be noted, however, that Bubble Master's "terrorized" subjects were willing participants and eagerly awaiting the onslaught of bubble bullets.


summer vacation starts here

In three days Alex and I will begin the end of our summer vacation when we travel to Sonoma, CA alone...without the children. Alex will be working most of the time, but my sister is meeting us out there so I'll have a companion to share in some good old-fashioned wine tasting fun. Which leads me to today and why today is actually the beginning of the end of my summer vacation: 1) Alex returned from his weekend trip (he was working, not playing) from Denver this morning 2) I went to the Target and bought sunscreen and a new book for Sonoma and 3) Alex entertained the little ones in the pool this afternoon. I was off the hook and picturing myself halfway to California.

And, in case you're wondering, Sonoma is also the end of our summer vacation because the day we return is the day we set off on our 20-hour journey back to the great state of Texas for the remainder of the hot, hot summer. Forgive me if my mind is in vacation mode until then.


and then she was 4

I didn't do such a great job as mom-photographer when we celebrated Scout's 4th birthday at the (you guessed it!) country club tonight. There was so much excitement as she went tearing through her presents, which included a pair of pink fuzzy boots from her great-grandmother, that I forgot my duties. These are the only decent pictures I amassed of our middle child on her 4th birthday. I'll work harder next time.


on target

This morning while Scout was out scouting for the perfect--her perfect--birthday cake at the local supermarket, Catcher took Tillie out for  target practice with the bow and arrows he received for his birthday ten days ago. He came up with the idea of hanging the target around the tree using a hole puncher and some string. Sadly, the task of hanging the target lasted longer than the actual shooting of arrows. After not hitting the bullseye (or even the target, to be honest) himself after three rounds, Catcher was finished with the day's lesson. Tillie just wanted to throw the arrows anyway, so there was no love lost.


swim party

Our children may or may not be getting spoiled by their Wisconsin summer experience. Yesterday we were invited to the pool of one of Alex's high school friend's dad's (are my apostrophes correct there?). It was a chilly 68-degree afternoon, so I opted to stay out of the water. The rest of the family didn't mind; however, because the pool was heated to a Texas-like 88 degrees. Just trying to keep it real...


sweaty kids on a stoop

On Sunday (I'm pretty sure that was two days ago) we visited my college roommate and her family in Chicago. There was a fest near Lincoln Square, and we indulged in face painting (Scout) a balloon sword (Catcher, but Scout commandeered it) and cherry sno-cones (the triumvirate). After wearing ourselves out in the heat of the day, we retreated to our friends' house where I was going to get a great picture before we jumped to our next activity (Frozen renditions and a pizza party). However, instead of looking like three adorably coordinated children perched on the porch of a Chicago row house, they looked like three sweaty kids on a stoop. #life

p.s. Despite the look she's giving below, Scout loved her face painting. She picked it out herself from the $10 page after I told her she could have something in the $5 category. I couldn't argue, though...the $5 selections were pretty lame. Why have a ladybug painted on your cheek when you could go for a half-face of flowers?