a walk with nature

If you want to properly explore your neighborhood, take a child on a walk with you. If you want to take your experience to the next level, take three children with you. The weather was perfect this morning--it was the kind of day where you would feel guilty not being outside. Instead of taking this energetic bunch to a playground, I opted for a walk around the neighborhood. The girls brought their Stuffies, which were eventually stuffed with weeds and shoes, while Catcher brought his imagination. Because he's five and a-half, he started the walk in a disagreeable mood wondering why we weren't going to the park, but he ended up leading the group on a journey to Ritzy Estates (a reference from one of his books, Lawn to Lawn). It was a pretty cool adventure: there were jungles and secret passageways and fierce animals to avoid. There were also colorful flowers (or weeds) gathered straight from the gutter, and the piece de resistance was when Tillie picked up a piece of petrified dog poop and asked me "Is this dog poop?" True story.


fashion friday

Obviously we know who picked out the outfits today. I didn't object because with a high nearing 85, it finally felt like spring in Austin. I didn't even mind turning on the air conditioner for the first time since...I can't even remember...it's never been this long. Even though Scout is a bit frowny in some of the pics, she was happy to spread some springtime cheer in the wake of all her ruffles today.


the sneetches

It was the last Thursday of the month, so that meant it was showtime for Scout and her classmates at the Explore Arts Preschool. Today, after showing off the difference between kinetic and potential energy through a marble run the class constructed itself, the tots acted out their own interpretation of Dr. Seuss's The Sneetches. If you aren't familiar with the story, it involves stars and a carpetbagger-like character and conformity. Although I love a preschool play, this production was a little hard to follow. Some of the sneetches had trouble following along with the story while others had trouble not shoving each other in the back (surprisingly, and I'm not making this up, Scout was not involved with the scuffle). If the pictures don't make much sense to you, don't sweat it. They don't make much sense to me either...and I was there.

Costume and set design by children ranging in ages from 3 1/2 - 5:


lovely day for a picnic

Our belated spring in Austin has created an air of autumn-ness (of the East Coast variety) this month. Today I was feeling the fever (of the spring variety) so I surprised the girls with a picnic after picking up Scout from school. Preparing for my planned surprise this morning, I hastily made peanut butter sandwiches, grabbed two leftover juice boxes and fruit leathers from our soccer snack duties this weekend, and tossed them in a bag. (I had to be very stealth to prepare the provisions before the girls came marching into the kitchen demanding answers for my clinking around.)

The picnic was a hit. Scout declared it "the best picnic ever" because I brought soccer snacks to the party. I'm not sure how high her standards are, but it's always nice to get a compliment from one of the little ones.


look of the week

Reading my book this afternoon while the little ones were playing, I felt a presence creeping into my periphery. I looked up and saw this:


catcher on the sideline

Some of Catcher's best moves at his soccer game this morning came while he was talking shop with a teammate on the sidelines. I wish I had overheard what was being discussed during this animated conversation. I'm sure it was very important and thought-provoking.

Meanwhile, Scout was dragging Tillie along and challenging her to races around the track.


before the wake-up call

Never wake a sleeping baby, right? This photo was taken moments before I woke a sleeping baby so she could accompany me and her sister to kindergarten to pick up her big brother. Needless to say it was a rough afternoon. Interrupted nap = crazy time in the house! Then again, I guess it's always crazy time around here, so this afternoon it was more like [regular] crazy time with a whole bunch of whining and crying thrown into the mix. Tomorrow is Saturday. Maybe she will nap. (Uninterrupted.)