how locals do it

Because we live in Austin, we feel it is our duty to attend at least one SXSW--that's South by Southwest in case you haven't heard--event each year. Because we live in Austin and we have children, that event must be something where children are welcome (or at least won't cause too much of a disturbance to get us kicked out). Last year I took the girls to one of the free concerts at Auditorium Shores. (In case you forgot about that time that Scout ripped off her shirt and ran around the hillside topless, you can refresh your memory here.)

This year we decided to try our luck with a morning bash at an early concert hosted by local radio station KGSR. Beginning at 6:00am yesterday, the station broadcast live from one of the ballrooms at the W Hotel. We aren't die-hard (or crazy) music people, so we showed up around 8:30 for free coffee and to hear two songs by one of our favorites, Bob Schneider. Alex and I thought we were pretty cool because we actually met Bob on our way in to the ballroom and chatted for a few minutes. The girls; however, were not star struck in the least. They thought Bob was just another friend, and they asked him to sing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" before launching into their own rendition. He wasn't able to fulfill the request but Scout and Tillie were handed inflatable microphones at the door, so all was forgiven.

P.S. It was really windy yesterday.

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