the sneetches

It was the last Thursday of the month, so that meant it was showtime for Scout and her classmates at the Explore Arts Preschool. Today, after showing off the difference between kinetic and potential energy through a marble run the class constructed itself, the tots acted out their own interpretation of Dr. Seuss's The Sneetches. If you aren't familiar with the story, it involves stars and a carpetbagger-like character and conformity. Although I love a preschool play, this production was a little hard to follow. Some of the sneetches had trouble following along with the story while others had trouble not shoving each other in the back (surprisingly, and I'm not making this up, Scout was not involved with the scuffle). If the pictures don't make much sense to you, don't sweat it. They don't make much sense to me either...and I was there.

Costume and set design by children ranging in ages from 3 1/2 - 5:

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