gallery crawl

Look closely: these are the faces of three children who couldn't be more excited that today was the first day of spring break and our big adventure for the day was visiting an art gallery!

Can you taste the sarcasm? Truth be told at 55 degrees with a steady rain, today felt more like the first day of winter break in Austin, but I was determined to start this thing off right with some good old fashioned family fun. There was much resistance in the car with declarations of "this is going to be boring," and questions like "what is a gallery anyway?" and "is there a playground there?" But the troops were singing a different tune when they marched into Mondo gallery and were greeted not only by the "Nothing's Impossible" exhibit featuring posters from some of Disney's greatest films but also free donuts, juice and popcorn! [Hey guys, I've been doing this a while. Trust me every now and again.]

The bonus--if that's what you want to call it--treat of the morning was a clown show in the courtyard out back. If you would like an adult's review, the "show" was odd and made no sense. I would expand upon that review, but there's nothing more to say (besides clowns are freaky). However, we did get to see a heavily-tattooed woman rip the latest edition of Austin's phone book in half. And that was amazing...I didn't know phone books still existed!


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