silly monkeys

I like routine, and I like to be busy. Getting Catcher to school every morning by 7:45 is a relatively simple task for me--even with two tag-alongs when I'm working solo. What I find difficult sometimes is doing nothing. When you're used to the hectic pace of life with three crazy monkeys, it's hard to relax. This week with Alex home (for one more day) and Catcher gone (for an additional four) I've discovered that I don't have anything to do (other than my daily "housekeeping" tasks). I don't have any meetings at school or play dates schedule or soccer practice to remember. Usually this type of inactivity would cause me great anxiety--because when I have nothing to do I think I that I do have something to do and make a big to-do about what I need to do--but this week is different. At least today was. We enjoyed the sunshine and each other's company and adult happy hour margaritas on the front porch. There were tears over nothing--Tillie!--but mostly the girls made us laugh while hanging on Alex like a jungle gym and planting kisses on his face and forehead. Dad is the best!

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