on the prowl

The honeymoon is over. For all those times I've answered parents who have fewer than three children with a coy "It's not that bad. After two, you're just throwing another one into the mix," I'm about to eat my words. Tillie will be eight months on Saturday, and she is on the move. Two weeks ago she was rolling to get around; last week she figured out how to scoot (backwards, then around in a circle); this week is the army-crawl. She has been up on her knees several times--I've actually caught her practicing this in her crib at night--and I know she will be flying across the room in no time. It's funny how, as parents, we look forward to these milestones. And then they are upon us...

Above is a snapshot of our afternoon.  It won't be long before I say goodbye to the days of keeping Tillie happy in the baby bjorn while out and about. Before I know it, I'll look back on the afternoons of coercing [only] two children off of the playground and think that was easy.

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