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Jenny Lind Bed, Land of Nod

This is the Jenny Lind twin bed that I wanted to get Scout from Land of Nod. I loved the look, but I did not love the $549 price tag--especially considering I'll change my mind about it before she grows into it. Furthermore, I pretty much refuse to pay retail. With that mindset, I set out to do it on my own. Step one: find a reasonably priced Jenny Lind twin bed.

It turns out that step one wasn't so easy. I found a cheap Jenny Lind head and foot board on target.com, but the reviews were horrible, and it was apparently impossible to find the correct bed parts (whatever they're called) to assemble it. The price was $139, so I considered pulling the chord until I revisited it to find it was no longer in production.

My next venture was consignment/antique/vintage furniture stores in Austin. No luck. Twin beds are pretty tough to find (in general).

All the while I was keeping an eye on Craigslist hoping for one to show up. And then one did. A guy in San Antonio was selling a Jenny Lind twin bed for $150. I made Alex text him--I'm still a little freaked out by Craigslist after the whole killer thing--and he made an offer for $135. The guy accepted his verbal offer, but the only catch was that Alex had to drive down to San Antonio (1 1/2 hours away) to pick up the bed (hoping it fit into the Explorer) and be back in Austin in time for me to take Tillie to her doctor's appointment. We basically had a 3-hour window to execute, and Alex had to stop for lunch and gas.

He made it (and the bed fit!). This is how it looked when it first arrived in our house. Although the structure wasn't exactly like my Land of Nod inspiration, I knew I could work with it. I was eager to paint it, but more anxious to move Scout into her "big girl bed," so I let it hang out looking like this for a few weeks.

Finally I couldn't stand it any more, so I had Alex move the bed outside so I could prep it for the paint job.

Fifteen minutes and two cans of spray paint primer later, I was ready to go back to the Home Depot to finalize my color choice. You might not think so, but there are at least twelve shades of turquoise (or azure, as Land of Nod calls it). I had to go back for two different sets of swatches until I found the color I wanted.

In the meantime I was looking for the perfect quilt. I had an idea, and a search on eBay turned up exactly what I wanted: an Indian kantha quilt. I just had to decide on the color. I changed my mind six or seven times until I stumbled upon this print in bright orange.

In the end tahitian breeze is the turquoise that won. 

The end result. Not bad for $135 bed, an $18 can of paint and a $58 quilt.

I just hope this picture of Scout isn't a reflection on how she feels about her new bed.

Just kidding...she loves it! It was the fancy pillow on top of her bed that she was throwing a fit about. The girl likes to do her own accessorizing.


  1. A few questions for you as I'm attempting to repaint my own Jenny Lind Bed...
    1. What kind of primer did you use?
    2. What kind of paint did you use? And in what finish? Did you brush it on or did you spray it on?

  2. I have the same questions that Katie ^^ asked. Found this post through Pinterest. Thanks!!

  3. To answer the paint questions (sorry so belated!). i used a spray paint primer...I think it was just your basic white spray paint primer from the Home Depot. I used Behr paint in high gloss finish for the rest. Hope that helps!

  4. Anonymous6/11/2013

    Does your bed have a box spring in it? Do the JL frames generally accommodate one? I would love this in my guest room - have the mattresses and box springs. Like what you did!

  5. Fantastic... google is amazing and so are you! I search for the bed paint match and up you came. I love the bed but I need to in one small room and I absolutely love the color. Using the color on an ikea bunk bed so at least half of my dream for the girls room is realized =) Thank you for you work and posting.

  6. I know this post is old but I'm looking to do the same thing and am wondering if you sanded first. If not, did the paint hold up? Thanks! I love the bed!

  7. Anonymous11/01/2015

    I have the same questions that Katie ^^ asked about sanding. Also, I don't see slats on the bed...are those needed or has your mattress held up without them? Most of these beds on CL are without slats. Thanks!

  8. Two things... this is the bed that my daughter has fallen in love with, yikes the price! We saw it at an open house and she is convinced it WILL be her new bed when we get our new house, and my little love is also named Scout!! Just wanted to share. Great work!!

  9. We inherited an antique Jenny Lind frame and mattress in excellent shape - but it's daybed size. I'd love to use it but can't see having my LO sleep on that old mattress which likely has years and years of dust mites. Does anyone know if a twin mattress will work with one or if it's just too narrow to accommodate? Replacing a custom mattress is costly and she's five so it doesn't make sense to buy a mattress that narrow for her to outgrow.