when in doubt, paint it pink

One of my ongoing--and perhaps never-ending--projects is updating all the photos (and frames) that once upon a time hung on the walls of our Charlotte home. The other day I found myself with a quiet hour while the girls were napping and Catcher was putting together his legos at the dining room table. Tired of the pictures that once hung on our bathroom wall in Charlotte but even more tired of the white frames that get lost on our white walls, I decided to paint them pink.

After the first strokes: Catcher told me he wasn't sure about the pink. "It's not my favorite," he said. "What about dark blue?"

Even though I wasn't completely thrilled with the result at first, I did not take Catcher's advice and forged ahead. After the painting was complete, however, I realized I needed to change up the pictures.

This is my practice layout. Alex thought the picture of my feet was weird.

Voila: the new pictures and frames on the bathroom wall (notice I didn't listen to Alex's comments about my feet). I would show you more of the bathroom, but it's a work in progress and there will be a grand "before and after" reveal one of these days.

After staring at my feet in the bathroom for two days, I decided that maybe Alex was right. It was kind of weird.

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