Halloween: I go back and forth on this one. It was my favorite holiday ten years ago when I met my husband, but it was my least favorite two years ago when I found myself with two screaming children on our way to "enjoy" ourselves at the neighborhood parade. Last year it was fun again when we were new to Austin and treated our way through one of the city's fancier neighborhoods.

And today...I'm three days away from the actual holiday, and I'm finding myself a little Halloween'd out. The fun started last weekend at the Fireman's Festival and continued full throttle this weekend. On Friday afternoon Catcher and I made peanut-butter-candy-corn Rice Krispie treats. (You may think that sounds sickening, but part of you wants to try it.) On Saturday morning the three little ones and I trekked over to the library for a Halloween festival, including movie, popcorn and about six cookies each for Catcher and Scout. On Saturday afternoon we had a kid costume party to attend--that's what the Rice Krispie treats were for--where Scout ate her weight in Butterfingers. Today we attended the kids' Halloween concert that the Austin symphony puts on every year. There were no naps for the girls, so I put two very tired (and very cranky) ladies to bed at 5:30pm tonight. Tomorrow there's a costume party for Scout and Tillie at the children's museum, and on Wednesday Catcher is supposed to dress up for school. I hope we get some good candy this year. At least I'll be able to enjoy a cocktail as we pull the little red wagon through Pemberton Heights on Wednesday night.

The picture above, by the way, is my attempt at Halloween decorating. Actually, it's Scout's attempt. She brought the pumpkins in from the front porch and placed them strategically on this white elephant side table.

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