mission not quite possible

Yesterday morning was gray and drizzly, so I thought it was the perfect time to embark on mission:organization for Catcher's bedroom. After a Sunday afternoon where I found myself in the eye of a lego hurricane, I was desperate to organize something...anything.

It was this desperation that drove me to the Container Store on Tuesday morning after dropping Catcher and Scout off at school. I figured I could handle such a task with only one child in tow. Three minutes after stepping inside I remembered that I couldn't handle such a task. Ever. I spent the next twenty minutes pushing my cart up and down the aisles pretending like I knew what I was doing--like I had a purpose for every glass canister or lacquered box that I passed.

Stuck in an aisle of containers--literally, that's what the aisle was labeled--anxiety set in as I tried to think (but couldn't think) of all the things I have that need to be contained. By the way, do they really need an aisle labeled "containers" at the Container Store? Look at Tillie smirking at me. She's totally smirking, right? She knew that we were going to walk out of the store with nothing but two shipping envelopes.

In the "container" aisle I did happen to find lego storage that looks like a lego. But the boxes were ridiculously small. Were they really supposed to hold legos? Or were they designed to store other things for extreme lego-enthusiasts? This is why this store drives me crazy. I don't get it: what are all of these containers supposed to contain? I know it was my fault for going in there, but the last time I ventured into the Container Store was 10 years ago when the flagship opened in Manhattan. I thought I was mature enough to make a second attempt, but at the end of this little adventure I just found myself back at old reliable:

*Target, however, was sold out of the red canvas storage bins that were the backup to my backup plan for Catcher's room. That kind of annoyed me, but at least I found a new shower curtain and bath mat.

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