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New York Times

Below is an official rejection email that I received from the New York Times. I submitted an essay for their "Modern Love" column, which runs in the Sunday Styles (of course--the only part of the paper I actually read). Yes, I realize it is a form letter. And yes, I would much rather be sharing a link to my essay that has been published in the New York Times versus a rejection email form letter, but I think being rejected by the New York Times is pretty cool. It's pretty cool because 1) It's the New York Times, and 2) After three years of "working" on my essay I finally finished--and more importantly, submitted--it. Now that I've been rejected I have nothing to fear, so I'm already thinking of topics for my next submission. Just think--in another three years I'll have my second official rejection.

Dear Sarah Wheat,

Thank you for sending your writing to Modern Love. Although we have decided not to use your essay, we are grateful for the opportunity to consider it. I regret that the volume of submissions we receive makes it impractical for me to offer editorial feedback. 

Best wishes,

Daniel Jones
Modern Love editor
The New York Times

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