call me crazy

I guess because I've named purple the color of crazy, you can call me crazy. This week I've painted not one, but two, more things in the house purple. Number one was the front door. It needed a new look. I'm not a big fan of green--unless we're talking lime green--so it was time to get rid of the high school gymnasium floor green that marked the entrance to our home. Take a look:

Below is the door after I got my hands on a quart of Martha Stewart paint from the Home Depot. I had to suffer no less than thirty mosquito bites on my legs to get the job done one humid afternoon, but it was worth it.

Second to come under attack from my paintbrush was the fireplace. It suffered the same gym floor syndrome as the front door but worse. Check out the chips and scratches from the before pictures.

Here's a shot of the room with the new purple fireplace. From the other side it almost appears black (which was actually my intention, despite my craziness).

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