turkey towels

This is a sneak peek at our bathroom, which is almost complete in its transformation. It was by far the scariest-looking room in the house when we moved in. We didn't even shower here (thank goodness we still had access to the apartment) the first three days following our move. I have before and after--and during--pictures of the overhaul that I'm saving for another post, but I was so excited today when DHL delivered our new towels that I just had to share.

Cheers to my latest ebay find--turkish bath towels! Like the kantha quilt (from India) I found for Scout's bed, I decided to go directly to the source to find turkish towels (from Turkey) on the world's greatest shopping site. I ended up paying $90 for eight towels shipped from Istanbul when the same towels retail for $35 each in the U.S. I even got a free glove to "comb" the towels and a postcard from Istanbul. Not a bad deal. And the kids were actually excited to get out of the bath and dry off tonight.

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