gathering nuts

It turns out that pecans are big in Texas. Actually the pecans themselves--so I'm told, I wouldn't know the difference--are a little small this year, but pecans are a big thing in Texas. It is the state tree, after all. Living in the apartment last year and not really in a neighborhood, I didn't realize that there are pecan trees everywhere! We even have one in the little alleyway next to our house. I just realized this yesterday, which inspired me to hatch a plan for this morning: pecan hunt! Catcher and Scout were totally into the idea, and I was psyched to come up with a new way to wear them out (wink!).

Running down the sidewalk in search of the next fallen pecan, these two could hardly contain themselves and the plastic bags they were carrying.

I don't know what is going on in this picture, but it looks funny.

Scout had a spill, so Catcher helped get her nuts back in order. I have to admit that it was kind of fun--although totally immature--saying, "Guys, take care of your nuts, " or "Don't let your nuts fall out," as we were strolling through the neighborhood. I said it for Alex because I know he would have done it (and thought himself quite clever) if he had been there.

The piece de resistance of our little adventure, however, will be the pecan pancakes that we make tomorrow morning for breakfast. This makes the pecan hunt a bonus activity in my book: two days of fun and anticipation!

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