playdate crashers

Once upon a time Alex and I were excellent party crashers. I guess our most recent major crash was Halloween last year, if a block party counts, and I'm happy--or perhaps embarrassed--to say that we seem to have passed our imposing ways onto the children.

Catcher and Scout are both fans of the snack. In fact, one of Scout's first phrases was "I snack!" Anywhere there is a snack to be had, those two will find their way. This afternoon at Eastwoods park while waiting for a friend, they descended upon a playdate gathering and proceeded to help themselves to the group's peanut butter cookie snack. In their defense, however, they didn't steal the cookies or anything. The duo put on their cute faces and were subsequently offered a delicious treat, so I have to give them props. It looks like the next generation of Wheat crashers is in place.

To the victors go the spoils: Catcher and Scout enjoying the goodies from their first official playdate crash.

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