hide and seek

Who knew that joining the Sam's Club would turn out to be an incredible design find? Maybe it's a Texas thing, but when I saw cowhide rugs there for $99, I knew it was a sign to get moving on this project that I keep hinting at...

On Tuesday I took my trusty sidekick Catcher to the Sam's Club to sort through the above rugs to find "the one." When faced with a pile of cowhides taller than your four year-old son, they all start to look the same--until you find the one that isn't the same.

After a broken-up cell phone call to Alex at home and at least seven picture texts asking for his opinion--one looked like our former dog Bob, another was too deer lodgey--I finally settled on this one.

I think it was the actual brand on the hide (pictured above) that sealed the deal for me. I hope all this teasing doesn't turn out to be anti-climatic once the actual chairs are finished. In my head they are going to look amazing, but there are a couple more hurdles to get over before we're there...stay tuned.

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