Even though we haven't hosted a party--playdates don't count--in our new house, I'm loving the bar cart. I feel more sophisticated pouring myself a glass of wine from a bottle I took off the wine cart versus the kitchen counter. I even used a cocktail napkin from it the other night.

That being said, I was not totally thrilled with the grungy, oxidized finished of the metal. So on my trip to Michael's last week for Halloween costume-making supplies, I picked up a can of brass-colored spray paint. I got home and wheeled the cart outside. Ten minutes later it had a whole new look.

Before: the legs were a little discolored and grungy.

Before (exhibit B).

After: classy and brassy. I will admit that I wasn't sold on the color at first. I was picturing a shinier finish, but it grew on me after a day. Besides, I can always paint it again if I get tired of it.

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