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Nate Berkus for Target strikes again: this is a detail from the herringbone window panels that I purchased for our living room. I've never believed in one-stop shopping for all your decorating needs, so this will be the end of my Nate affair (although I'm loving the collection).

The windows in our living room were in desperate need of an update/facelift. If I had to crank the rotational rod on the plastic venetian blinds one more day I was going to lose it. Here's a look at the living room before my friend, the decorator, Nate Berkus saved us.

After a couple glasses of wine one evening--or rather night--last week Alex brought out his drill and level, and the curtain installation began. Although I lean toward the "winging it" spectrum when hanging things on the wall, I actually measured and thought it out this time. I even shifted the entire living room in anticipation of curtain project to center the sofa on the windows. When we finished after midnight, we stood back and patted ourselves on the back. It looked pretty good, but we would have to wait until daylight to see the real effect.

Morning broke, and I still loved the look. It completed the room. Kind of like Renee Zellweger completed Tom Cruise back in the day...

After success with the living room, I have my sites set on window panels for the dining room. Stay tuned...

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