kid talk

On those days when all three of your kids are having their own brand of meltdown and all you want is a moment of peace, you overhear a conversation such as this one during afternoon snack time:

Scout: Catcher, I like nuts.

Catcher: Yeah.

Scout: Catcher like nuts? [More of a question than a statement.] But T not like nuts, no.

Catcher: Yeah. Tillie can't have nuts yet.

Scout: Not yet. Daddy like nuts?

Or maybe you've just purchased a coffee from the drive thru at Coffee Bean and, pleased with your service, remarked out loud, "Those baristas at the Coffee Bean are just the sweetest." And this is what follows:

Scout: Num. Num. I love those.

Catcher [to me]: What did you say?

Me: When?

Catcher: What's a ra-rista?

Tillie: BA! BA! BA!

Me: A barista. The guy or girl who serves your coffee. They're so nice at the Coffee Bean.

Scout: Nummy.

Me: Scout, a barista is a person. Not something you eat.

Catcher [to himself, almost in a whisper]: The sweetest?

Tillie: A-DAH! A-DAH! [High-pitched squeal.]

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