that was halloween

Halloween 2012 in ten pictures:

Just before we left the house for trick-or treating, our neighbor offered to take a family picture for us. The kids look less than thrilled, but Alex and I are smiling because we just found out that our neighbor--a sweet and responsible-looking college girl--loves to babysit (and so do her two roommates)! 

But let's back up for a second to how the day began...

I had the white turtleneck and white leggings for Tillie's Dalmatian costume, but an early morning trip to Michael's for felt and glue (why are there so many types of glue, by the way?) was a necessity. Don't go to Michael's on Halloween, by the way. Everything is gone and the staff is too busy decorating for Christmas to help you find black felt. Tillie was almost a Dalmatian with purple spots.

Seeing spots: I cut the spots; Catcher helped me glue them.

Here we are back to the front porch Halloween photo. The kids will love this in 15 years (haha!). In case you couldn't guess the theme, we have firefighter, fire dog and fire. I figured I would keep the costumes thematic as long as I can.

And here's another picture...just in case the first one didn't turn out.

We went back to the neighborhood where we had so much success trick-or-treating last year, and this was the first house we visited (both times).

Catcher got back into the swing of things very quickly.

Everyone thought Tillie was a boy for the night.

Catcher took off the helmet (I think it was slowing him down) and discovered gummy bears. He's had gummy bears before, but never in a tiny gold package before.

Alex leading Catcher and Scout from house to house and schmoozing with the "neighbors" as they go. That's a margarita in his hand. An upgrade from last year's beer.

Not pictured is my treat of the night, which was practically running into Ryan Gossling as we walked back to our car. (The real Ryan Gossling--he's in town shooting a film--not some creepy dad dressed as Ryan Gossling from The Notebook.)

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