sleeping corner

Image from Roseland Greene
It all started with my obsession with this Josef Frank headboard in Metropolitan Home a few years ago. I already had the Min Bed from Design Within Reach, and after I saw this image I couldn't imagine my bed any other way. Of course, the fabric retails for $250/yard and when I priced out the actual cost for someone to create this headboard it was over $1000. No thank you. Instead I spent the next several months (or it could have been a year) searching on ebay for a deal on this exact fabric. I finally found a remnant that someone in England was selling--actually it was two pieces of fabric--and won it for $64. Flashback: this was me gluing the pieces together last year:

Although I vowed here not to post a picture of my finished headboard alongside my inspiration, promises were meant to be broken. This is a look at my copycat version in our tiny little attic sleeping corner:

*Please note: the bedroom is currently--and will probably forever be--a work in progress. Because I'm basically only up there to fall asleep watching Leno and to get dressed in the morning, it's last on my list for decorating. The lovely brown curtains that you see hanging from the windows are the same ones that were hanging in Catcher's room when we moved in. We brought them upstairs to block out the light that comes streaming in the window at sunrise. Pure function.

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