cold texas nights

Alex and I had a debate this morning. It was 51 degrees, and the high for the day was 64. His argument was that it was winter; I said it was fall. He said this is what a winter day feels like. He meant winter winter, not Texas winter. I reminded him that he went to college in La Crosse, Wisconsin where the average high for the month of November is 44. The average low is 28, which happens to be their average high for December (when the low is 14). That is winter.

However, here in balmy Austin, it's nice to feel a little nip in the air. We experienced a few chilly nights last week, which inspired me to order this throw from Calypso Home. Even though it will probably go unused for 350 days of the year, it does cozy up the living room and bring in a little more color. I'm getting tired of the brown sofa (don't tell Alex) so this helps. 

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  1. hilar.
    sounds like me with my blue.