we're gonna need more lights

This is the first year since I can remember that Alex did not have to work Thanksgiving weekend. This meant he was actually able to enjoy dessert instead of skipping off to the airport after the turkey was carved. It also meant that we were able to shop for our Christmas tree in November (instead of mid-December, which is when we usually got around to it).

It's also a first for us because this year we fell in love with a chunky tree. In the past we've been loyal to the skinny Charlie Brown trees, but we couldn't help ourselves when we stumbled across this beauty yesterday evening. Scout saw it first, so we really couldn't say no.

With a heftier tree, though, comes the responsibility of more lights. I heard that you need at least 100 lights per foot of tree, so the four strands that we have will not cut it this year. Will somebody please tell Alex?

P.S. Does anyone else notice it's a little crooked? We'll need to fix that too [wink!].

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