saturday morning zoo

I know [sooner than I think] there will come a time when my Saturday mornings are filled with soccer games, girl scouts, ballet lessons, lacrosse, birthday parties, track meets, and general teenage laziness, so  this morning I didn't freak out when I saw Catcher and Scout making a Tillie sandwich. I snapped a picture of it because a single day may last forever but the years fly by. One day this triumvirate will be grown, and the quiet Saturday mornings that I now miss will turn into quiet Saturday mornings themselves where I miss the chaos.

After Tillie's morning nap we set out for the library. It's a great place to be on a Saturday morning because your children can roll around on the floor and no one cares. Coming home with new books is always a thrill, too. It's like Christmas (but better because we can go back next week and get new books!).

It's still 80-something degrees in Austin, but it's a cool 80 degrees. Breezy and slightly overcast, it was a great afternoon to hit up the Zilker Botanical Garden. We even saw an engagement take place in the Japanese garden (although I'm not sure how zen the experience was for the couple with Scout and Catcher running down the path yelling about whether we should take this path or that path).

We ended the day with Tillie's first burger, courtesy of P. Terry's. She was thrilled.

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