test shot

Testing, testing, 1, 2...

Back when Alex and I were just two, he used to take the photos of us together on our honeymoon or at a bar in New York or a friend's wedding. This evening I had a brilliant, which turned out to be not so brilliant, idea that he could take the family photo for our Christmas card.

Just before dinner I interrupted Catcher's quiet Lego-building time and Scout's map puzzle to have everyone gather in front of the fireplace for a "test" shot. No one was in their coordinating outfits (the coordinating outfits that don't yet exist, by the way) but I wanted to see if it would work. It won't. At first Scout wanted to sit this one out. Then she wanted to sit on Alex's lap, which she calls a "rat," when her placement would have been better on mine. Tillie was angry that she couldn't grab the camera and Catcher wanted to get in front of everybody else. Oh, and Alex is sporting his Movember 'stache, so these would have ended up on the cutting floor anyway:

It wouldn't be the Christmas season if I didn't over-think the card, so I'm moving along to my next idea. Or rather, I'm waiting to come up with my next idea...and find coordinating outfits in the meantime. Hahaha.

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