time to dine

This was our dining room. Unfortunately (for Catcher) the drum set did not stay with the house, and fortunately (for me) neither did the green walls. Kind of like the fireplace that was meant to have our six-point buck hanging over it, the built-ins in the dining room were another feature that sold me on the house. Arranging it was another three--or four...or five!--hour shelf project, but I think it turned out alright (see below).

Now that my (real) wine glasses are on display, I use my real wine glasses for drinking (nightly, not when only entertaining). A novel idea, I know, but I figured if I wasn't drinking wine out of my good glasses at this age then when would I start? Plus, it makes me feel sophisticated. Ha.

This is a shot of the dining room when I thought it was all set up this summer (minus the mirror propped up against the wall). I later realized, however, that the bookshelf was a little odd tucked into the corner. That space is way better suited for a bar car. I also changed my mind about the Eames molded plastic chairs. I love the dowel base, but the chairs are a old and warped and only three legs touch the floor. Every time you sat in one of them, they made this sound like you just broke something, which isn't a very settling feeling when you're taking a seat. Besides, there was too much plastic in the room. I thought I needed to introduce another element, like metal, to compliment the ghost chairs and wood floors. Yes: I think about this stuff too much.

After weeks of more thinking, I finally settled on the idea of Tolix chairs. Their French heritage seemed natural to pair with the Louis Ghost, and I wouldn't have to worry about them crashing to the ground if someone sat on them the wrong way. But the room wasn't finished yet.

I sent my garden guys, Alex and Catcher, to the Home Depot for a house plant. Alex couldn't believe I was actually requesting a plant for our home, but I thought it would help the lonely corner left in the dining room. They came home with a money tree. Yes, it's actually called a money tree; money because you only have to water it once a week, and it's virtually impossible to kill. The last stop on my decorating train was the drapery department. I found curtains at West Elm, and I think they tie the space together nicely.

This is our dining room (at least for today). I'll let you know how long the money tree lasts.

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