we joined the club

Last week Alex and I had a very serious conversation and decided that with three children we can now justify a membership to the Sam's Club. This is a huge moment in our relationship. We've already committed to each other and to raising our children the best way we know how, but now we're committing to buying in bulk. With a house that's just over 1200 square feet we'll have to get creative with our storage--exactly where does one keep 24 rolls of toilet paper anyway?

Because today was our first time, I decided we should take it slow. I went in to the Club armed with a (very short) list and vowed now to stray from it. I will admit that I was the first one distracted when I saw two mammoth-sized bottles of Advil for $16.98, but that's not why we were there. Alex thought it was a good idea to split up, but I was nervous being left alone in a superstore. Then I saw the wine section. I knew I could spend a good 15 minutes there, so I sent him off with Catcher and Scout in search of cereal and goldfish. Wine wasn't on the list, per se, but I was thinking about it in the car on the way there (so that counts).

After I made Alex put back the party-sized box of pretzels (enticing, but not on the list) and we circled around the lady preparing a beer-battered shrimp brioche something or other--3 times!--the kids were done. And so was I. Alex really wanted that sample. (One of the "pros" on our list to join the Club was samples, but the five o'clock hour was quickly approaching...)

Another unforeseen pro of shopping in bulk was the enthusiasm displayed by Catcher and Scout upon our return home. Everyone was so excited to bring those boxes into the house--it was a party on the porch.

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