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Disclaimer: I'm a little--or, more accurately, really--embarrassed to publish the photos below. What's even more embarrassing is what you don't see: the pile of clothes sitting on top of a black trash bag on the floor (by the TV, ugh!) in our bedroom. I've been getting dressed from this pile since we moved in, but now that I've started on all these projects, I  decided this was one habit that had to be kicked. It's funny. No matter how organized or OCD I can be about straightening the bookshelves or sweeping the kitchen floor, I tend to let it go when it comes to my closet. I blame it on the fact that I never have a big closet, but even when I did while living in the apartment last year, I didn't take avantage of it. One of these days I might find myself with a Mariah Carey fantasy closet, but in the meantime I have to work with the rolling rack stashed away in our attic bedroom.

This is how the rolling rack looked on Sunday morning when I started. I bribed the kids with a TV show upstairs so I could work on my "dressing area" (that's what I'm calling it).

p.s. The floor is crooked, not the rolling rack (or camera angle).

After two days and a couple more bribes to allow myself some actual work time, here is the new--but is it improved?--dressing area. I have to admit that this is one case where the "after" isn't dramatically different from the "before."

It kind of looks like the clearance rack at TJ Maxx, but at least I can see my things when I get dressed in the morning. I also managed to save some space for Alex (space not pictured) since my newfound dressing area encroached on the "man space" I promised for him in the attic. I just hope his shoes don't fraternize with my shoes.

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