When I was a kid, I remember a specific Family Circus cartoon that involved a "Not Me" ghost. Not Me was ever present in our house growing up (i.e. "Who ate the last piece of birthday cake?" "Not Me!"). I'm sure Not Me has appeared in many a home where siblings abound, but has anyone met the "Gnomey" ghost?


Scout introduced me to Gnomey. She's two, and whenever I try to help her do anything--like tie her shoes or buckle her car seat or pour her milk--the response is "no me." I've heard "no me, no me, no me" (it's usually said in threes) so many times that it's morphed into Gnomey in my mind. I think of a little garden gnome every time I hear the phrase now, and I wonder where in our house this Gnomey ghost is hiding. If you see him, let me know.

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