mini picassos

One of my ideas for the new house was to do a kids' art wall in the kitchen behind their table and chairs. The great thing about the pieces they bring home from school is that they turn into modern art instantly--add mat + frame.

On the left is a picture that Catcher painted one cold and rainy day when we were trapped inside the apartment. I stashed it inside one of my coffee table books and miraculously remembered where it was after the insane move. The paintings on the right are older works that he did during his orange period when we were still in Charlotte. Check out the detail below--I think it has a certain Rothko quality to it.

Scout just started school in late August, so she hasn't brought home any masterpieces yet. To get her started, I slapped the New York Times down on the table in front of her and handed her a brush and six tiny paint jars. Pictured above is her work.

Thus our art wall has begun. We'll be able to add and subtract as the kids grow and their styles change. It's also fun for them to see their work displayed while sitting at the table chatting over Cheerios and orange juice.

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