back on the grid

Did you miss me? I've been off the grid for so long that I don't even remember what this blog is about. I found this picture and it kind of reminded me...

This is our house a couple days after we moved in and a few days before we abandoned it for five weeks. Alex was feeling particularly project-minded on this morning and decided to rip out the overgrown, unkempt bushes taking over the front of the house. But more on that--and other planned projects--later. In the meantime, what have we been doing with ourselves?

Like I said, I've been off the grid for so long that posting for the first time since July makes me feel like I'm starting this blog all over again. And I guess in a way I am. Moving into our new house this summer was the first time since before this blog even began that I felt like I was home. Having our house in Charlotte "staged" for selling for two years, thinking we were moving back to New York, having Scout, deciding we were actually moving to Texas, and then becoming pregnant with Tillie had me lose all sense of grounding. But now I'm back. I've come to terms with--and embraced--my Austin life as a stay-at-home mom (I even have plans of getting elected to the preschool board...no kidding). My creative side has been resuscitated with the move into a house, and I'm planning so many projects in my head that I should never be short on blog material (unless we're short on money...ha!).

All that being said, I feel like this post should really say something. Then again, I need to ease back into this, so I'll start at the beginning with some snapshots from moving day.

Note: Scout's outfits were entirely created by Scout.

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