another 6am flight

What day is it? I think it's Friday, which means this was taken two days ago on Wednesday morning at approximately 5:48am (central time) as we departed Milwaukee for Baltimore, MD.

What you don't see in this picture is a 2 year-old throwing herself on the ground and screaming all the way through security. I've learned that you don't tell your daughter that snacks are in her backpack, but she can't have them until you get through security and to your departure gate. Everyone in that security line was praying. I know that because that's what the TSA agent told me as I handed her my ID. She said everyone was praying for me, but I think what she meant was everyone was praying [for themselves] that I wasn't on their flight. Remember: I also had a 4 year-old and baby in tow.

After the major meltdown our moods improved as we gobbled up saltines and browsed through Skymall. The flight was direct and less than two hours, so we made it through unscathed. Tomorrow we're off to our next adventure that starts with a six hour drive to the beach...this is the summer of fun.

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