five shots

Examination rooms at doctors' offices have always felt small to me, but one never felt so tiny as on Wednesday when Alex, the three little ones and I got our flu shots. I've taken the three kids to see the pediatrician at one time, but perhaps it was the extra adult--not counting the guy who would come in to administer the shots--that made claustrophobia a real thing.

Catcher climbed on the table, then Scout climbed on the table. Then Catcher and Scout climbed on the table. Alex sat on the doctor's rolling stool after Scout tried to take it for a ride while the chair in the corner sat empty. Oh...and the reason Tillie is unclothed is that ten minutes previous to this photo (in the parking lot, to be exact) there was a major blowout. If you're a mom, you know what I mean. I'm always amazed at how surprisingly unprepared I am in situations such as these being a veteran mom, but I found myself with exactly three wipes, one diaper and no spare clothes for the baby. The cute denim romper Tillie had been wearing became an impromptu, on-the-spot wipe, and one of Scout's pull-ups, which I found hiding in the console, cleaned up the rest. After a quick douse of sanitizer--I actually had that in my bag--for the baby and the front seat, we were back in business. Except Tillie came to the party dressed like a little redneck baby.

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