say hello to our little house

One of the best things that New York ever did for me (besides bringing me together with my husband) was teach me to live in small spaces. I de-clutter, I downsize and I do without. I will choose neighborhood over size any day of the week, so let me introduce you to our new house in Hyde Park. I mean, it's not our house technically, but it will be for the next 12 months...if our application is approved.

It's a long--yet short--story on how we landed the place, but early signs say it's the perfect fit. It's tiny (1164 square feet, to be exact); it's old (built in 1927) and a little rough around the edges (vinyl floor in the only bathroom). But there's a backyard and a sidewalk, and it isn't sandwiched between a highway and a strip club. I'm excited for Catcher to have his own bedroom, and I can't wait to explore a new neighborhood in Austin. I'm sure the coffee tastes just as great as it does down here.

And now the fun of moving yet again begins. How many places will this make for Alex and me? Does the hotel we lived in for two months in Charlotte count? I'm eager to get started, but maybe I should wait until our application is officially approved before I find a box to pack.

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