last night with the BS

If all goes according to plan tomorrow--and I know it will because Alex and I are both psycho movers--tonight will be our last night at the Berkshire SoCo. Thank you for being our first home in Austin, but it is time we parted ways. On our last big move from North Carolina to Texas Alex and I spent our last night sleeping on the floor, so it only seemed fitting that we should do the same tonight. (Actually, last time we spent our last three nights sleeping on a half-deflated air mattress, but you get the point.)

And this is where I'll leave you for a while. As I mentioned, we won't have WiFi at the new house right away and we're leaving for a five-week "vacation," so I won't be back to blogging on a regular basis until mid-August (at best...who knows when we'll rejoin the 21st century). I'll check in from the road, but things will be busy and posting sporadic. Have a great summer, everyone! I can't wait to update you on everything with the new house. 

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