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I only have about five more weeks of actual summer left time here in Austin--we're heading East for a few weeks--so I realized I should get back to the whole "112 fun things to do" list before it's too late. To tell the truth, I'm kind of bored with the list. Most things on the list that are kid-friendly have already been done by us...several times (like the following):

#45: fresh from the farm

The farmer's market in downtown Austin has been a favorite Saturday morning outing of ours ever since I realized there was a cooler farmer's market in Austin than the one in a mall parking lot. Although we've been there before, I have to admit that we never experienced the foam building block things that were there this weekend. Above is Catcher working it.

Inherently I'm not a fan of messy-faced kid pictures, but this was Scout in the moment: Hulk-like grip on the dripping popsicle. The next time I pick out a flavor for her it won't derive from a red fruit.

This picture is more about the hipster dad in the background than Catcher in the foreground. I saw several "fancy hats" like his prancing around the farmer's market, which led me to believe that I need to invest in a fedora to keep up with this crowd. I also thought his scarf was a nice touch (and wondered how he wasn't roasting to death with his hot coffee on the balmy 80 degree morning).

The juxtaposition of farmer's market tents against city skyscrapers will always be a favorite of mine.

Scout finish popsicle. Scout like blocks. Scout build.

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