measure once...

Below is a sneak peek at the new house. We stopped by today to take some measurements so I can sketch out some floor plans tonight (yes--I'm that big of a dork). The place has improved dramatically since I first looked at it, but there's still a few things to be done before we set up shop.

Today they were power washing the front and back porches, and a new floor for the bathroom is going in tomorrow. The hardwoods still need to be buffed and the blinds could use a good dusting, but that's not stopping us from starting the move. In fact, Alex is loading the pickup with boxes as I type. He's making a run over there tonight because my dream is to wake up there Sunday morning to actually enjoy my Sunday paper on Sunday (I've already had it forwarded) and we've realized the move could take longer than we think with the three little ones involved. Besides, we're tired of sitting around surrounded by boxes and not going anywhere.

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