pack and go

Let's be honest: I like to move. I even like the things about moving that everyone else hates--like packing and unpacking. For me packing is a chance to get rid of things that you weren't quite ready to part with on your last move, but now you realize it's time to say goodbye (exhibit A [above]: my first bag for Goodwill). On the other side, unpacking is a chance to re-imagine and re-organize my life. What's not to love?

This morning we signed the lease documents on our new place, and this afternoon I was begging Alex to round up some boxes for me before he departed for Arizona. The funny thing is that our last two moves have been major moves--New York to Charlotte, Charlotte to Austin--so a small part of me feels I have to do all these things in South Austin (like eat at Home Slice one more time or stock up on coffee from Ruta Maya) before heading to the Northeast side of town. The distance from here to there is about six miles, and they sell Ruta Maya coffee at the H.E.B.

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