what's to miss?

During these last eight days (but whose counting?) living at the Berkshire Soco, I've started thinking about what I'll miss--or not miss--about the apartment. Guess which list is longer.

I will not miss:

- hauling three kids in and out of the parking garage every day
- young professionals speeding through the parking garage
- loud neighbors
- being the loud neighbors
- the center island in the kitchen (major clutter collector)
- the steady neon glow from parking lot lights outside of our bedroom window
- drunk voices resounding from the parking lot (at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning)
- driving...to get somewhere to go for a walk
- cheap carpet
- even cheaper "hardwood" floors
- the mailroom
- the occasional dog poo in the hallway
- the occasional dog poo in our trashcan
- two bedrooms for five people

I will miss:

- our closet space
- the second bathroom
- free coffee in the lobby
- the guy who picks up the trash outside of our door five days a week

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