the search is on

I think I've had my fill of apartment living. It was fine when I was single in New York and didn't mind if I cooked a mouse--I'll have to tell you the story one day--every now and again but things are different with three kids. Groceries are heavier when you have to lug them from the parking garage with preschooler, toddler and infant in tow. Noises are louder at night when you're worried a boisterous group of drunk kids outside of the building is going to wake the baby. Garbage is smellier when you have to walk by the trash shoot on your way to the car.

So we're embarking on our next challenge: finding a house to rent in Austin. Our lease is up at the end of July but we just started taking this seriously. Last week we found two places we liked, and one was rented within eight hours while the other rented before our scheduled appointment to check it out. Although the logistics of moving are a nightmare, I welcome the change. I'm excited for a new place--maybe I'll actually hang something on the walls this time--and I secretly love the de-cluttering that moving forces upon you. It took me three moves with Alex, but we finally got rid of his posters from high school last year. Maybe this time we can work on the baseball card collection (kidding...sort of).

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