a cow town

Before we moved to Austin my sister-in-law gave the kids a book called This is Texas. Today we visited Fort Worth, and for the first time I felt like this is Texas. Although it's a little bit theme-parky with the Cowboy Hall of Fame and daily cattle calls, getting that close to actual longhorns--I think I violated the "stay back 20 feet" rule--made me feel wild-westy. The dirt roads and 85 degree morning also helped.

Scout and I waited while Alex and Catcher attempted the Cowtown Maze. They made it out in 19 minutes, which felt like a long time to me, but the woman who awarded Catcher his prize at the end said 12-20 minutes is average. Nice work, guys.

Check out the size of those horns. The way they curl around reminds me of that guy in the Guinness Book of World Records with the longest fingernails [shiver!].

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