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This past weekend was a pretty exciting one. Not for me and the three little ones, per se, but there was a lot going on in which I (or we) didn't participate. Here's a look at the things we didn't do:

We didn't see Mario Lopez as the Grand Marshall at the annual Apple Blossom Festival (or "The Bloom" as the locals call it) in my home town of Winchester, VA. My brother did, though, and he got this picture as his car rolled past my parents' house. Go Bayside!

We didn't bet real money on the Kentucky Derby, but we should have because my horse won--that never happens! Catcher chose his horse (Alpha) based on the color of the jockey's outfit, Scout chose her horse (Optimizer) based on the only number (2) she knows, and I chose my horse (I'll Have Another) based on name alone. We forgot to pick one for Tillie, but Catcher and I had a little Abbott and Costello routine going while discussing our picks:

Catcher: What horse did you pick?
Me: I told you, I'll Have Another
Catcher: I want another one, too.
Me: No. That's the horse's name, "I'll Have Another."
Catcher: That doesn't sound like a name.

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We didn't see the super moon. I looked for it (sort of) but it turns out that it was too cloudy in Austin to really see it anyway. Even if it was super.

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We didn't celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this guy (or any guy, for that matter). But we did manage to avoid the crowds and the craziness, which is a plus for my first Cinco in Texas.

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