"Mom. I feel like this week went by fast," Catcher mused at dinner this evening. He was right (or at least I agree with him). It was the first week back after spring break. It was report card week. The sun was shining, and all of our practices--soccer, lacrosse, dance--took place during their regular timetables.

I also spent a portion of my week trying to look at a house that just went on the market in our neighborhood. Since the average house around here is scooped up in less time than it takes a baguette to go stale, I felt a sense of urgency trying to get in and look at the thing. We had to schedule and then reschedule and then reschedule again (we still haven't seen the house and have no confirmation of a future showing) because the homeowner isn't well. The upside, however, is that I can now stalk the house and drive by it every day (not kidding) and imagine how I'm going to renovate (it needs some work, in my estimation from stalking it in drive-bys) and decorate it. This will continue until I learn that, too bad, it's already under contract before we ever had a chance to step foot inside (frowny face).

So my (blogging) plan this week was to get back to the original heart of my diary by sharing pictures and ideas about the aforementioned house. I imagined that I would be writing about an actual sassy shack. Things, however, didn't work out according to my plan, so here's a picture of Scout from Catcher's school this afternoon. She may have been smiling at 2:45, but when I tucked her into bed at 7:00, she told me how much she hates me. I just hope she gets over it before I wake her up for her 8:00am soccer game tomorrow. #parenthood.

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