saturday, part two

After watching a bunch of four year-olds chase a soccer ball around the field at 8:00am on Saturday morning, it was a relief (in a parent watching youth sports kind of way) to move on to Catcher's lacrosse game where a bunch of six to eight year-olds actually passed the ball to one another and gave off the impression that they knew what they were doing. I was truly amazed that these guys could pass and catch the ball. Maybe it's because I'm a novice to the game of lacrosse...or maybe I don't get out much.

Alas, the Scotties lost (you should have seen the other team--I want to check their birth certificates), but Catcher recovered a ground ball and didn't even flinch when he got laid out a couple of times. Being the smallest guy out there, I could always find Catcher when he was in the game. Just look for the little guy.You don't even have to remember he's number six.

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